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Janssens NV is a Belgian manufacturing company that specialises in developing, producing and distributing to wholesalers of garden greenhouses, garden rooms, orangeries and aluminium conservatories with high-quality thermal insulation.

Two for all: the managing directors of Janssens NV are René and Peter Janssens. René, son of company founder Constant Janssens, joined the family business in the late 1970s, his son Peter came into the company in the 1990s.


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On 12 September 1946 Constant Janssens established in the town of Lier a cabinetmaking firm simply called 'Janssens'. From 1956 onwards the firm evolved into a company making rounded wooden arches used not only in the construction of greenhouses, but also for sports halls and factories. It was in this period that the Janssens company established a strong reputation. In those days the workshops covered a total surface area of 300 m². Due to a lack of space, the company moved in 1962 to new premises located on Mechelsesteenweg in Lier, with business space of 1250 m² that doubled within just two years. Son René strengthened the company in the 1970s. Under his direction, the traditional wood was replaced by aluminium, laying the basis for today's production of greenhouses, verandas, pergolas, swimming pool roofs and conservatories. In 1984 the company began exporting its products to numerous other European countries. The universal range made a big impact on the international marketplace and exports became an important pillar of the company and allowed the company to achieve sustained growth. The machinery was expanding considerably in 1996, with the addition of the latest generation of aluminium joinery machines, while the design and development department was completely computerised. René's son, Peter Janssens, joined the company's engineering department, where they pressed ahead on further developments. 

A new millennium dawned. The steady growth of sales continued, accompanied by the opening up of new export markets. Some of the machinery underwent further automation in 2009 to optimise quality and precision.

The conservatory market in Belgium is a fairly active one, with the construction of 'turnkey' buildings becoming more and more popular. It is now absolutely essential to have dedicated contracting teams, excavators, bricklayers, gipscarton-workers, floor and wall tilers and so on. The sustained growth of the company's construction activities resulted in 2011 in the demerger of the private construction department, which was taken over in its entirety, while sister company Veranda's Janssens BVBA became the exclusive distributor of conservatories-range in Belgium. Janssens NV now was able to concentrate on its core business as a manufacturer, building and selling to wholesalers worldwide.


Since 2016, Janssens NV has business premises of approximately 37.000 m².

With more than 65 years of experience behind it, Janssens has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of verandas, conservatories and greenhouses.

Some key facts:
- Workshops totalling 37.000 m²
- Production of 4 conservatories and 30 greenhouses each day
- 85% of products are exported to Europe, Scandinavia and America.



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